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About Our Team

We believe working with a designer should be all about you.  It is our job to help you discover what you like, use the things you love and put it all together beautifully.

Design has always been a passion of mine, but it came to me as a career through trial and error. After receiving dual bachelor’s degrees at Penn State University in Speech Communication and Broadcast Journalism, I moved to New York City.   I began a career as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Although that job was lucrative, something was missing.  After some soul searching I discovered the missing piece was design, so I studied at Moore College of Art and Design and ultimately received my certification from Temple University.

I now work as a designer all over the country.  I attribute my success to lovely clients and their generous referrals.  Thanks to them I have a growing client list and many successful business partnerships.

-Amy Barrickman

Coming as a transplant from Austrailia, another designer on the Barrickman Design Group team is the stylish

Sharon Garlepp.  

Sharon comes from a fashion background and her work is as polished as her professional style.  In Austrialia  she had a successful clothing store, and when she came stateside she decided to hone her skills as a designer. She also studied Interior Design at Temple University and received her certification there.  She is now creating fabulous spaces all over the main line, giving clients a curated, unique look each time.


Hayley Remis  

has been assisting us for more than three years, and she is our "go to gal" when it comes to giving furniture new life, painting special spaces and she often hangs wallpaper for us too.  Hayley takes her time to do jobs right, and we rely on her and trust her for the best outcome.  

Not sure how to put it all together? We can help.  CONTACT to inquire about availability.  
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